South Witham in Lincolnshire

The Parish Council functions under the Local Government Act 1972.

It is the third tier of local government, after the County Council and the District Council, but it is a non-political body. It is at the "grass roots" and is in the best position to represent the views/needs of the local community, from the needs of parents with children, teenagers to the needs of the retired and anybody in-between! It operates with the aim of improving the quality of life and the local environment for all residents.

Councillors are elected from people living in, or just outside the Parish, or having business interests there. The number of Councillors depends on the size of the Parish. The size of South Witham dictates eleven councillors. An election is held every 4 years. If there are eleven candidates, or less, those who stand are deemed to be elected. If there are less than eleven Councillors on the Parish Council, then further Councillors may be co-opted to make up a full Council between elections.

All Councillors are unpaid volunteers and members of the local community who each represent the whole village. Councillors have adopted the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) order 2007 which came in to force on the 3 May 2007. The Clerk is a salaried employee of the Parish Council.

Pecuniary Interests Register for Parish Councillors

In addition to its main meetings, the Council may delegate some of its business to Committees and Working Groups. Some Councillors act as representatives for different organizations within the village.

Meetings checklist - to aid the smooth running of meetings.

Parish Council Toolkit - A useful reference for the Councillors and those considering becoming a Councillor, published by AcSes.

To finance its activities the Parish Council receives funding, known as a precept, from the District Council (paid for by part of the council tax). Details of the way the money is spent can be seen in the Parish Council accounts.

South Witham Parish Council receives copies of Planning Applications relating to the Parish of South Witham. The Council makes recommendations on all planning applications in South Witham, although final decisions are made by the District Council.

Residents can now check planning applications in the comfort of their own home via District Council's web site. The online database contains a list of planning applications received by the council and viewers can search for the applications they are interested in by: case number, location, case officer or committee date. To search for an application please click on the link below:

The Parish council is also able to provide grants to groups within the community.
For further information of the Powers and Duties of Local Councils go to the National Association of Local Councils website -

Public Rights of Way – Access Mapping and the Definitive Map
Details of public rights of way may be obtained from LCC’s new electronic mapping system. For information visit and follow the link to the access map.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings and may speak during the first 10 minutes if invited to do so by the chairman. The Parish Council meet once a month in the village hall.

Parish Council Contact - Helen Sandon (Clerk) 01476 552166

Minutes are displayed in local shops and in the Witham Word village magazine.

List of Councillors (Oct 12)

Parish Council information Guide 2009